Lagundi, An All-Around Herb

Vitex Megundo Linn

LAGUNDI (Vitex Megundo Linn) is an herbal medicine recommended by the Philippine Council of Health Research and Development (PCHRD), DOST. Lagundi may be used I it’s entirely for therapeutically purpose. The leaves and seeds are found to heal wounds and clean ulcers. The leaves alone are used to relieve the pressure of excessive gas in the digestive tract. In cases of fever, the leaves can be applied on forehead. Lagundi leaves are effective insecticides. They can also remedy inflammations and rheumatic swelling of joints and testes due to gonorrhea.

The roots, seeds, and leaves are potent against snake bites. The roots are regarded as tonic, fever reducing, and expectorant. The powdered roots are prescribed against hemorrhage, dysentery, indigestion, constipation, rheumatism, boils, and leprosy. The flowers are used for treating cholera and serve as a tonic for the heart. The fruit is good for cataract and watery eyes while dried fruits are purgative. The oil extracted from the plants relieves sinuses, sores, tubercular swelling of the neck and is a remedy for beri-beri.

The medicinal value of lagundi is sure to benefit everyone, considering the high prices of medicines these days. – S & T Media Service

Photo courtesy:  lagundi


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